Wednesday, June 29, 2011

10 things i hate


1) i'm walking and someone steps on the back of my shoe.
2) people bring up the mistakes i did a long time ago.
3) i'm the one trying to keep a conversation alive.
4) people say i can't do it when i know i can.
5) i'm online but no one wants to talk with me.
6) i want to hang out with just that one friend and that one friend says
"can i ask blahh blah blah to follow us?"
*bitch, i miss you i just wanna go out with you.
7) someone insults the music i like
*bitch, shut up!
8) my friends ask me "what do you you see in him?"
9) i'm bored, i eat.
10) i've no credit and suddenly everyone wants to text me.