Thursday, July 28, 2011

Everything And More

Ahhh~~ i miss @DavidArchie's concert. I miss David Archuleta Live in KL. I miss my archie friends :'( 

Dear Archangels,
          Always remember, i miss you guys, Sis Schaz, Amira, Hazmi and Hana. Nothing can touch us, we're everything and more, the first time i met you guys in the Berjaya Times Square, i was like "nothing brings me down when you're around, it's like zero gravity :) 
Thanks to Hazmi actually for the photographs. How i wish i'd get the m&g passes, but that was okay 'cause i get to meet him in person eventually. I get to talk with him too ! But, too bad, no picture at all ! #thankyoudavidarchuleta.